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Almost three whole years since the project began, the Where You’re Meant To Be film is finally finished, and will premiere on the 19th of February 2016 at none other than Glasgow’s legendary Barrowland Ballroom. Not only are we screening the documentary, we’ll also be reuniting the band that features in the film and played on May 2014 tour of Scotland – Jenny, Stevie, Michael John, James and me will be performing after the film.

You can watch one of the trailers above, and for more info, ticket links and the first two minutes of the film, please go to our cool new site here: http://whereyouremeanttobe.com/

There’s also an accompanying live album, but that’s an announcement for another time …

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Bill Wells & Me have a new EP called DILF_77 Would LIke To Chat, which consists of songs we thought were far too cheerful to go on the albums. The lead track, DILF_77 Would Like To Chat, is disco tune about mid-life flirting, and there’s also a jazzy one about a baby, a pop song about a morning after, and – no joke – a calypso song about being drunk and losing your keys. The EP will be available digitally and streamingly on 16th October at all the usual places, but for those of you who like to hold things in your hands you can also buy a limited edition CD which includes an exclusive extended mix of the lead track and another, brand new, exclusive track. Like so:

Digital / Streaming Version
1. DILF_77 Would Like To Chat
2. Danse Profane
3. Back To You
4. Fuck The Sun

Limited Edition CD Version
1. DILF_77 Would Like To Chat
2. Fuck The Sun
2. Danse Profane
3. Back To You
5. Oh, To Sing A Happy Song!

The CD will be available only in independent record shops, at gigs, and online. You can pre-order it now HERE, and listen to the lead track above. I told you it was disco.

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Bill Wells & Me (and band) will be playing some dates in Scotland this year. They are:

Wednesday 12th August – Summerhall, Edinburgh (with Kathryn Joseph!). Tickets HERE.
Saturday 5th September – Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy (with Aidan O’Rourke and Sheena Wellington!). Tickets HERE.
Friday 18th September – Platform, Glasgow (part of this year’s Eastern Promise!). Tickets HERE.
Sunday 27th September – Lemon Tree, Aberdeen (with Kathryn Joseph!). Tickets HERE.
Sunday 11th October – Arts Centre, Paisley. Tickets HERE.
Tuesday 13th October – Eden Court, Inverness. Tickets HERE.
Wednesday 14th October – Concert Hall, Perth. Tickets HERE.
Friday 16th October – Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline. Tickets HERE.
Saturday 17th October – Tolbooth, Stirling. Tickets HERE.

We will, of course, be joined by our band. Come away in!

(We should hopefully have more dates in the rest of the UK at the end of the year.)

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Bill Wells and I (and band) will be playing a few festivals over the summer. They are:

Sunday 21st June: West End Festival, Glasgow at Oran Mor. Tickets and info HERE.
Friday 17th July: Latitude, Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk. Tickets and info HERE.
Saturday 25th July: Wickerman Festival, Dundrennan. Tickets and info HERE.
Wednesday 12th August: Edinburgh Fringe at Summerhall. Tickets and info HERE.

We’ll have more dates to announce soon – a wee tour of Scotland in the autumn, and hopefully more English dates too. Watch this space!*

*Although don’t expect it to be updated very much because I can’t be bothered anymore. I realise that sounds woefully unprofessional, but updating a website is the most tedious chore imaginable, and I’ve got better things to do with my day. That’s why I gave up on the mailing list too, it’s absolutely soul destroying work. Besides, who bothers with mailing lists these days? There’s enough spam as it is. My email has a dedicated ad bar at the top of the page now and it seems to be impervious to Ad Blocker’s tricks. It does my fucking nut. I would pay someone to do all this for me, of course, but that would cost money I don’t have. Anyway, I’m on Twitter quite a lot, you should have a look there if you’re keen, although to be fair that’s mostly swearing at politicians and links to pop gems. Anyway, it’s not my job to promote a gig, it’s the promoter’s. That’s why they’re called a promoter. And I’ve got enough to do already with singing the songs, being the tour manager and doing all the merch. I’m a many of many talents, aye, but sadly promotion isn’t one of them. I think I’m still a bit drunk from last night.

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