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I’ve been far too busy to update this site, which means I’m already halfway through the tour I’ve come here to advertise – but the good news is the gigs have all been great so far, so thanks to all who came. Anyway ...

Where You’re Meant To Be is a celebration of Scotland’s musical and oral traditions, with a brand new set featuring folk sagas, drinking songs, bawdy ballads, bruised laments and ... blah blah blah. It’s me singing old folk songs, rewritten and refocused through the Aidan Moffat Prism, which makes everything sound like a sexual suggestion with added swears and booze. Although, in all fairness, a great deal of old Scottish songs are pretty drunk and sexy to start with. [Speaking of which: have you heard that Beyoncé song ‘Drunk In Love’? Makes me blush. The whole album’s filthy too. ‘Lick my skittle’? MY GOD.] If you’d like to know more about it, you can read Fiona Shepherd’s review of the Faslane Peace Camp gig HERE and an interview by Nicola Meighan HERE. I’ve got an excellent band with me: Stevie Jones (who used to play in Arab Strap and also with me and Bill Wells), Jenny Reeve (who played violin with Arab Strap and is presently in Bdy_Prts who are brilliant), James Graham (from The Twilight Sad, who I should expect you’ve heard of and quite probably love too), and we have Michael John McCarthy (formerly of Zoe Van Goey and formerly a Best-Of) on the accordion for the city gigs. As I write this, it’s the morning after the Edinburgh show and I’ve got a hangover, which only leaves three more gigs to go: Drumnadrochit (where Nessie lives), Lerags (just outside Oban) and the big one, Glasgow Barrowlands on Saturday May 17th (gulp). All tickets are FREE and – in the tradition of Scotland’s legendary hospitality – you’ll even get a free glass of whisky on the way in too. We had originally planned to do something a bit different with the Barrowlands and install some chairs and tables and set the whole thing up like a ceilidh – which might still happen, we’ll decide nearer the time –  but there seems to be quite a bit of interest in the gig so we’ve decided to release more tickets. These will be HERE and available from 9am on Thursday May 1st. At the gigs so far we’ve noticed quite a few no-shows on the nights, which can only be expected at free events; plans change, the weather’s shite, folk forget, fair enough. But the frustrating thing is that it also means we’ve been turning people away – so please remember to cancel your tickets if it turns out you can’t make it; that way, we’ll have a good idea of how much free space we’ll have on the night. We’re not expecting the Barrowlands to ‘sell’ out – but by all means, surprise us! – but we do want to ensure that everyone who wants to be there can get in. You can cancel tickets on the Eventbrite site, or failing that you can always tweet me (@AidanJohnMoffat) and I’ll pass it on.

The Barrowlands will also have some very special supports: outstanding and renowned bothy ballad singers Joe Aitken and Geordie Murison, and the legendary Sheila Stewart, which I expect will be the one and only time I’ll share a stage with an MBE.

I’ll hopefully see you there – I’ll be the hairy drunk guy with the microphone and a paunch. Come away in!


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L. Pierre’s last thing for 2013 was a Disney mix for Dazed Digital:

The mix even had write-ups on Pitchfork and great geek blog, Bleeding Cool!

L. Pierre is now in hibernation.

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This September sees the release of a new L. Pierre EP, Surface Noise. As it says on the back cover: “In these recordings, L. Pierre pays an affectionate tribute to the wear and tear of overplayed vinyl; the hiss, scratch and pop of records long loved but worn down. It’s the sound of survival, the echoes of a life lived well; moth eaten music of sadness and resilience, of beauty and backbone.” It will be available as a (very cool and retro) 10” vinyl (with free download) and download only. You can pre-order it HERE and listen to the lead track below.

There’s a little interview about the EP and other things HERE at the No Ripcord site.

This will be the last L. Pierre release for a while, and quite possibly forever. Never say never though, eh?


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A new album by L. Pierre is now available for free! Perhaps not an album in the strictest sense – it consists of eight (theoretically never-ending) loops with video and was made in Vine. For best results, search for LPierreMusic in the Vine app on your phone/device to find the exclusive L. Pierre profile page and listen from there, preferably with earphones. Alternatively, you can hear it on the new L. Pierre Twitter profile page (HERE), and there’s a more desktop-friendly Tumblr version too, which can be found HERE. But as I say, Vine is best – the video loops were created in Vine and the results are smoother and more precise.

More L. Pierre news soon.

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JD Twitch of Glasgow’s premier party duo Optimo has (expertly) remixed Bill Wells & Me’s Glasgow Jubilee! You’ll find it on The Underground Sound Of Glasgow Mix CD currently available from the Glasgow Underground label. It was also on the 12” sampler, all of which you can hear below (we’re track 2). Enjoy!


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