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This September sees the release of a new L. Pierre EP, Surface Noise. As it says on the back cover: “In these recordings, L. Pierre pays an affectionate tribute to the wear and tear of overplayed vinyl; the hiss, scratch and pop of records long loved but worn down. It’s the sound of survival, the echoes of a life lived well; moth eaten music of sadness and resilience, of beauty and backbone.” It will be available as a (very cool and retro) 10” vinyl (with free download) and download only. You can pre-order it HERE and listen to the lead track below.

There’s a little interview about the EP and other things HERE at the No Ripcord site.

This will be the last L. Pierre release for a while, and quite possibly forever. Never say never though, eh?


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A new album by L. Pierre is now available for free! Perhaps not an album in the strictest sense – it consists of eight (theoretically never-ending) loops with video and was made in Vine. For best results, search for LPierreMusic in the Vine app on your phone/device to find the exclusive L. Pierre profile page and listen from there, preferably with earphones. Alternatively, you can hear it on the new L. Pierre Twitter profile page (HERE), and there’s a more desktop-friendly Tumblr version too, which can be found HERE. But as I say, Vine is best – the video loops were created in Vine and the results are smoother and more precise.

More L. Pierre news soon.

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JD Twitch of Glasgow’s premier party duo Optimo has (expertly) remixed Bill Wells & Me’s Glasgow Jubilee! You’ll find it on The Underground Sound Of Glasgow Mix CD currently available from the Glasgow Underground label. It was also on the 12” sampler, all of which you can hear below (we’re track 2). Enjoy!


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This year I’ll be doing two 7” singles on Record ‘Store’ Day, both split singles with two excellent bands. The first one features Mogwai and Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat remixes – a mix of Mogwai’s ‘Special N’ by L. Pierre (i.e. me) and a Mogwai mix of ‘The Copper Top’ by Plasmatron (hence the daft old photo of us on the cover). L. Pierre’s first remix! Exciting. It’s even on fancy white vinyl. The second is The Twilight Sad / Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat covers 7” – me and Bill doing Twilight Sad’s ‘Alphabet’ and The Twilight Sad doing our ‘(If You) Keep Me In Your Heart’. This comes in a double-sided hand-made sleeve and both will be available on Saturday the 20th of April in record shops, then on ebay a few hours later at fives times the price – so if you really want either of them you should stay off the booze on Friday 19th and get down to the shops bright and early on the Saturday morning. Or you could just stay up all night and turn up pished, I suppose. Up to you.

UPDATE: You can now stream the Twilight Sad one!

UPDATE 2: RSD has passed now, so Rock Action have made the Mogwai tracks available to stream too!


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My fourth album as L. Pierre – the first in five years – is now available at all good record shops and directly from the Melodic label website. Here are some nice things that people have said about it:

“Eerie, bleak and gorgeous . . . proves Moffat says beautiful things when he says nothing at all.”
– THE LIST **** (Link)

“An artist of genuine class . . . Moffat has composed one of his finest and most abstract records to date . . . Emotionally, it’s as striking as Moffat’s ever been.”
– DROWNED IN SOUND 8/10 (Link)

“Moffat’s fourth LP as L. Pierre is perhaps the most boldly ambitious and abstract yet.”
– THE SKINNY **** (Link)

“Moffat has made his best album as L. Pierre with The Island Come True.”

“An utterly bewitching listen.”

**** MOJO

**** THE FLY

And if you’d like to hear it for yourself online right now, The Quietus are exclusively hosting the whole thing with an interview OVER HERE.

The album comes in 4 formats: a limited edition double vinyl LP including a bonus 12” with 3 new (and very long) exclusive tracks, the standard 11-track CD album, the standard 11-track digital album, and an iTunes 12-track version with an exclusive bonus track. Physical formats should be available in all good record shops and the usual online stores, or directly from the Melodic label HERE. The digital version is available at the usual online outlets including Melodic directly, and the exclusive iTunes version is available from – surprise! – iTunes (and if you’ve already bought the physical package and just want the bonus track, you can buy it as an individual track from iTunes too).

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