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The second album by Bill Wells and Yours Truly is called The Most Important Place In The World and will be released on March 16th 2015. You can hear a track, This Dark Desire, below. You can also buy this song right now – or get it immediately with the album pre-order – on iTunes HERE.

You can read the full press release and pre-order the album HERE. It will come in a limited, heavyweight vinyl LP edition – with a bonus 4-track 12” EP, a lyrics and sheet music 12x12 booklet, a hymn sheet, and all audio content in 320kbps MP3s – and, of course, CD and download too, and will be available on streaming platforms in May. As you may know, I’m not a big fan of streaming; it’s fundamentally a sweatshop – the consumer loves it and the shops get rich, but those who actually craft the product get paid next to nothing. But I can’t deny it seems to be the future, so while I’m happy to have my stuff available on streaming platforms, we – Bill, Chemikal Underground and I – agreed to hold back this album until later in the year. Our priority audience will always be those who want to buy our music, and it’s only fair that these fans should have exclusive access to it for a period of time. I understand that some of you may pay a monthly streaming subscription fee and feel left out – if so, the good news is that we’ve priced our digital album insanely low to help balance this out. The MP3 version of the album is only £4.99 (see link above), which is the price of a pint of Peroni in my local – and, quite frankly, if you don’t think an album’s worth the price of a city centre pint, then music is absolutely, irreversibly fucked. Indeed, think of it as though you’re actually buying us a pint, or I suppose a half pint each – but even that’s misleading because that assumes we’ll personally get £4.99 from a digital sale, which of course we won’t, so it’s more like a packet of crisps each to accompany the pints we’ve already bought ourselves. And I fucking love crisps.

No tour dates planned as yet, but they’re on the way.

There will be more songs to preview online soon too, and maybe even a launch party somewhere special ... watch this space! (Or better yet, follow me on Twitter.)

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